HAIR STYLES: Double Bun, Hun (Simple Ways To Create A Cute Hair Look!)

By request, here is how I do my simple, stylish double bun hairstyle AND 5 ways to wear it!


STEP 1: Comb your bangs (if you have them) to the front or side.

STEP 2: Take your comb and make a middle part on the top of your head. The back doesn’t have to be strictly parted unless you want a polished look. I just use my fingers to separate my hair in two even halves.

STEP 3: Collect one side of your hair to take a hair tie and wrap it around the hair on the top crown of yr head. The last time around, don’t pull all the hair through.

STEP 4: Take the bun and fan it out evenly by applying gentle strength throughout the bun as you spread the hair.

STEP 5: Create another bun the same way on the other side. You might have to play with it a bit more to make them look similar.

STEP 6: Decide whether you want to leave it the way it is or add accessories like scrunchies, scarves, bows, or clips. SEE BELOW FOR DIFFERENT WAYS TO STYLE.


After creating your two, cute hair buns, you can leave them just as they are, or even use some nude/natural colored scrunchies to add a light finishing touch!

LOOK #2: Classy Elegance

Find a cute headband and place it on the crown of your head to add a bit of class! I usually don’t go for a headband and scrunchies because it looks kind of busy but you do you!

LOOK #3: Bow Beauty

I think this is my favorite look! You are able to pick these adorable bow scrunchies almost anywhere that sells hair accessories! I personally like when they match in the same color. You just wrap them around your buns!

LOOK #4: You Be Clipping

Hair clips are such an easy addition to this hair style! You are able to get ones that glide, clip, or snap depending on your preference! BIG peal hair barrettes are in style right now and I’m loving them! I got mine in a set of 6 on Amazon for cheap. The rainbow ones are from one of my favorite bloggers, Mallory On The Moon.

LOOK #5: Bandana Babe

I have a collection of hair scarves and just used one to tie around my head on top. To find out how I tied it, thou are able to watch the tutorial on my Instagram TV.

Which look is your favorite????


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