Personal: Blogging Assumptions I Had About Style/Fashion Bloggers


I used to think style and fashion bloggers were materialistic and self-centered. I had no interest in following along with trends or gaining popularity through my clothes. To be honest, that isn’t my motivation at all to this day. You might be asking why I decided to call myself a style/ fashion/ travel/ lifestyle blogger then if that’s not on my mind? Sometimes I ask myself the same question!

I’m like no other blogger out there. I dress different, I joke different, I interact differently (striving to be personally and relationally responsive with my followers), I create differently, and I style differently. If I were to describe my style, I would say I combine trendy, simplistic, vintage, grunge, and hipster together to make my style my own. For example, right now I’m wearing an oversized, chunky knit sweater from American Eagle with Under Armor workout pants. Who would have thought mixing lazy and active together would make a cute outfit! Anyone else out there feeling that vibe? Maybe you have to be as crazy as I am to ever try it lol


Whenever I came across a fashion bloggers account that posted picture after picture of themselves with perfect hair, expensive clothes limited people can afford, long heels, fancy editing, and flawless makeup, I automatically thought of them as a self- centered show off. Seeing them on point for being super trendy, made me pose judgments that they were materialistic and always having to have the best of the best. Seemed like they were never satisfied. It made me feel like they thought that they were better than everyone else.

I’ve followed some bloggers with great Insta feed but when I watched their Insta “stories”, their attitudes reflected all those assumptions and judgements I had about them. That left a bad taste for me. It didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t have to be like that in order to be in the fashion/style blogging world. I just thought you had to be that way to make it. These bloggers have taught me to avoid portraying the self- centered and materialistic mannerisms. I want to be a style blogger who is intentionally and wholeheartedly humble. I genuinely care about my followers and want to develop personal, lasting friendships with them that help them feel refreshed, influenced, inspired, and excited when they visit my blog, Instagram profile, and Youtube haul and styling videos (and travel vlogs).


One day, I decided to start a new Instagram profile for my 365 challenge since I love taking pictures but it slowly transformed into my blog account after I discovered some bloggers listed in my friend suggestions. I followed one style blogger in particular by the name of Steffy Degroff, who was super down to earth, authentic and real, very kind and responsive to her followers, posted the cutest photos, created content about the blogging lifestyle, and influenced me to do more with the blog I had. I realized style blogging wasn’t about just selling fashion items to anyone who would follow a link or about flaunting what you have. It’s more than that. It’s about helping others discover what’s out there by doing some research for them and select pieces they will cherish and have fun wearing! I love helping people stretch their creativity when it comes to styling pieces they never would have thought go together! Most of what I style, they all ready have or they can find for an affordable price. I also let them know when one of my favorite brands is having a sale!

After researching more, I found out I can partner with brands that I CAN CHOOSE to accept and reflect my style. It’s not about being materialistic and buying EVERYTHING, but about being creative and choosing affordable, practical pieces you and your followers will enjoy as well. Discovering brands for my followers is fun and I like providing useful content for them. I make minimum wage so I can’t afford high- end pieces so informing my followers of sales also allows me to help them if they are searching for something new to include in their wardrobe.


If you go to my Instagram (@krystalsmindblog), you will find pictures of me styling my latest finds. I have a purpose for my pictures. The world doesn’t revolve around me and I don’t want my followers to think that it does. I want to be as humble as I can. My feed could seem like it’s otherwise on first glance but I hope you’ve overcome judgments by learning from me. Sometimes I feel bad for always posting pictures of me but it turns out that’s what price like to see! My marketing app showed me I got drastically more engagement on photos of me seeing something creativity! I want to post what people like to see, so even though I don’t always like seeing pic after pic of me, people get inspired and intrigued when I’m behind what I’m taking about. I try to stay away from selfies and write captions asking questions to my followers so I can get to know them, which shifts the focus off me.

My perspective changed when it comes to the blogging world. Bloggers are dedicated people and work hard to help and inspire others. Without them, Pinterest wouldn’t be what it is today as well! Many hours go into each post. I’ve been blogging seriously for 4 months and it’s so fun! I’m in the research, creating, and growing phase now and the more I’m learning, the more my negative assumptions faded.

I can see how it’s easy to fall into materialism and reflect a self- centered attitude when it comes to fashion blogging, but as long as you consistently remember your purpose of helping others with your content and continue using your creative passion, it will keep you authentic and personable.

Have you thought any of these assumptions mentioned in this post?

What content do you appreciate from your favorite bloggers?

Who are your favorite bloggers? Why do you follow the bloggers you do?


  1. I like these kind of “reflective” personal posts. They’re good for clearing your mind out and reminding oneself of what you’re doing. I truly hope you continue having fun with your content as I like catching up on your blog. Always remember that readers want to read what YOU want to share and that staying true to yourself is worth it in the long term. Love it! xox

    1. Thank you so much! I like writing these personal posts since I’ve kept journals since I was a kid! There will be more like this in the future! Thanks for supporting my blog! I love hearing from followers!

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