Personal: Why I’m Blogging (Is The Effort And Time Worth It?)

Why am I blogging you might ask? Sometimes I ask myself the same question but then all these reasons fly through my mind and I’m reminded of why I love it so much!

I just started blogging this year so my follower count isn’t at a spectacular level and my post engagement isn’t off the wall, but I just love making content that will entertain, attract, help, and share my good finds to anyone who comes across my website, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook page!

If anyone is interested in what I’ve been researching and how I’ve been starting up my blog, COMMENT BELOW! I would love to share any helpful tips, inspiring bloggers I found, or informative links for any new bloggers out there like me!

I Am Uniquely Creative And Want To Share The Gift With Others!

Creativity is the way you see the world around you

The way I describe creativity is the way you see the world around you differently than everyone else. Some may think it’s weird but some may see it as wonderful! Pinterest does a great job at finding the creatives from around the world and bringing them together!

To all my fellow bloggers out there, share that creativity! I’m very unique when it comes to sharing my creativity since I am involved and gifted in many arenas.

I am a photographer, personal trainer, play nine instruments (guitar, piano, chord autoharp, singing, box drum, madoline, ukulele, tambourine, and keyboard), cater at a camp, writer, animal lover, ordained student ministry pastor, videographer, comedian (according to me since I mainly make myself laugh lol), dog mom, mini fashionista, decorator (I just know what looks good), and pretty much anything else that requires a creative eye. I hope my blog posts reflect my creativity because not everyone has all these random gifts.

I Have Always Liked Writing

I’ve always reflected life and captured it in a journal

I was around 8 years old when I started writing in my own journal. I seen this tan, hard covered journal with cute, little mice on the cover at Target and begged my mom to buy it with my own money. She actually let me buy it and I loved that journal. I wanted to know how many pages were in it so I wrote in all the page numbers by hand. Filling in all the pages, I completed my journal over the years.

Continuing my writing, I filled up a few more diaries and journals. Since everything has gone digital, I now journal using Penzu, which is an app so I can easily journal on the go, but also a website so I can access it on my laptop to have a full keyboard to type out all my hopes and dreams! If you are looking for a great online, private journal, Penzu offers a great drawing board! It automatically saves your work and is on a cloud like a Google Drive situation so you can access it from your phone and/or computer. If you aren’t quite done typing your entry on your laptop, no worries, because you can just finish it on the go using your phone!

Helping People Is In My Blood

Anything I can do to help, I will jump at the opportunity

I’ve always jumped up to help someone who doesn’t know or is confused about something that I’ve had experience with. I just love making people excited about the simple things in life and sharing anything I can that will help them out. My desire is that my blog inspires others to find a new style, help them travel to places without even leaving the comfort of their home, upload professional photos/videos and write encouraging posts.

Representing Brands That I Love

Sharing my finds of neat brands

I like finding deals, trying new styles, and thrifting. Making Haul videos are fun to film and put together for all my followers to enjoy. Once my following and engagement rises, I one day hope to represent brands I’m crazy about! My goal is to represent some of my favorite clothes brands including Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Madewell, Target, H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, Patagonia, Osprey, Old Navy, and/or even stores like Meijer (I’ve found some really cute clothing from there lately!). Gaining attention for sponsored traveling and discounted items to show everyone would be amazing! I love following my passions even if they don’t pay the greatest and want to pursue them. Blogging is one of them that I enjoy!

You can help my blogging grow by following me on my Instagram account (updated daily) but brands REALLY look at engagement I get on my posts, which are the comments I receive and likes that I get. I’m not begging for comments or likes because I want them to come naturally. I want you to ACTUALLY like them and strike conversations over post comments because I just love interacting with my followers. You can buy followers that most of the time are fake, but that’s not how I roll. I want authentic followers who genuinely follow me because they like my style, see me as a friend, and are influenced in a exciting, positive way. If you are one of those followers, I really do appreciate you and hope you continue to journey along with me as I create top-notch quality content for you!

Interacting With People!

Take every opportunity to interact with others! You learn so much from people!

I am definitely a people person! I am a personal trainer and work at the “fit desk” around 25 hours a week at my local YMCA where I greet people at the gym and help people reach their goals. When I eat my healthy snacks, I actually have influenced people to eat healthy just by my actions. I love that! Having conversations with others is great because I can learn so much from other people.

During my short time of blogging, I have actually had some really neat conversations with people as I comment on their posts as well as others coming to me for styling advice and compliments. Just the other day while I was walking Huntlie, someone told me that they loved my style not even knowing that I was a lifestyle/ fashion blogger! Words can tear down but are also used to encourage others to chase their dreams!

I Love To Blog!

Everything about blogging excites me! I love writing, taking pictures, getting people excited, sharing styling techniques, and filming videos! I also love people and blogging is an opportunity to interact with people you may never meet in real life.

Let Me Know Any Way I Can Make Great Content For You!

I am not paid a thing as I start out blogging. I do spend a decent chunk of my time researching about blogging and creating content that you will love, but I do it because I enjoy it! As I travel on this blogging adventure, I’m counting on you all to let me know any ways I can improve my content and posts, but also let me know what you are liking as well! I love hearing from my followers!!! Can’t wait to keep on keeping on this exciting blogging excursion!

These are only a few reasons why I am sticking with blogging! I could go on and on but that’s what future posts are for!

If You Are A Blogger, Why Do You Blog? I Would Love To Hear Your Encouraging Words!

Why do you like blogging?

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