TRAVEL: AFRICA 2022 (Thoughts And Packing Before The Trip)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a last minute packer. There’s something about the crunch time that motivates you to pack quick. Plus, the earlier I pack, the MORE I tend to pack. Looking at my suitcase, I feel like I’m forgetting something, but that’s a feeling that tends to surround my thoughts constantly, whether there is an Africa trip or not! Anyone else have that daunting thought linger over you?

As you can tell, I’m all ready dressed in my ghost pjs lol Fall vibes now because I won’t be able to dress fall until I get back from Africa.

Preparing for the trip was tricky this time around due to COVID and some last minute plans we had to scramble to compete. Pastor Marc, who arranged all the logistics and made the trip happen, developed a few more gray hairs and wrinkles after all the last minute prep work. He was on a goose chase trying to find a COVID test that would guarantee results within 48hrs before the trip. The airline seemed to come up with an impossible task, but God came through and when Dr. Sherry O’Donnell, who is running for congress, heard of our dilemma of finding a place to get results back fast, she came through and helped us out!

Yesterday, we were swabbed, which I was more nervous about than the trip. I volunteered to go LAST! Man, that swab burned! My one eye started crying! Suffering for Jesus before even stepping foot on the dusty African soil.

Another dilemma was we found out a week before we were leaving that we had to plan a VBS for 100 kids. I rallied up the girls and we made it happen by scrounging up a craft, coloring pages, and stories to cover 3 days of VBS for the kids. Luckily, the kids over there are intrigued by the smallest things and go ecstatic over a pipe cleaner, which is what we Amazon Primed and was delivered there next day!

Our results came back negative so then it was time to pack! As far as clothes, I just threw in a few long skirts, lightweight tops, head scarfs, shower shoes, my Chacos, and the custom made dress I got in Africa last time I went in 2019 B.C. (before Corona).

The dilemmas continued when I was arranging to get my Malaria pills. My doctor sent me to the health department, they sent me back to my doctor, my doctor told me to go to the health department, but had to inform them of the bouncing back and forth between elevator music tunes and instructions of both health offices. Finally, my doctor sent in the prescription. It was going to cost $150 since insurance doesn’t cover it, but Walgreens informed me they had a program where you pay $20 a year and save on non covered medications. With that, it came down to around $80. I will have to start taking them tomorrow. Remind me! Two of the ladies are going to remind me to take them. They know me too well!

Malaria Pills

Something I packed are compression socks. Normally, I don’t have issues, but for such a long flight, last time my ankles were a bit inflated from the 20hr flight. We have a layover in Germany, which may help the swelling, but last time it got moved up and we had no layover at all. One of the ladies going on ther trip gave me a pair of the socks last time and I actually didn’t lose them so I can wear them again!

Compression Socks

When looking at the forecast, its supposed to rain quite a bit since its “rainy season” there. With that knowledge, I packed a waterproof bag so my toilet paper won’t get soaked. Never know when you may need some paper lol

VBS crafts
African dress they made me last time and it still fits!

I also tried on my custom African dress they made me last time came. It was only $12 for a custom dress! The top I need to wear more often here in there states! Can’t link it since its homemade lol

While I was packing today, Huntlie was always looking at me. She is probably worried im leaving her. Ive been giving her lots of kisses and treats to make up for the 10 days !

I will try to write daily blogs while in Africa to keep you all informed, but I’ll be on limited to slow, sketchy internet while in Africa di bear with me. I won’t have phone service throughout the day and I’ll be 5 hours ahead of everyone back home. If anyone needs to reach me, do so over an internet app like Facebook messenger, snapchat, on my blog here, or Instagram. Some are downloading ther WhatsApp, but I don’t have a lot of memory on my phone for another app lol

Thoughts have been racing through my mind before the trip. Finances always freak me out. I was nervous last time about raising the funds to go and I ended up going over, this time I also let that get to me since we didn’t have much time to raise the cash. . I still have around $700 to raise so I’m a little worried since it will have to come out of my own pocket if its not covered in donations, especially since today was my last day of cleaning. I got laid off, like always, God provides! Dont want anything to get to me on the trip!

There are 7 of us on the team! Pray for ask of us AND those who we will meet in the prisons, brothels, orphanages, and bunckhouses! Last time, there were 4 of us so we almost doubled our team this year!

LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE US TO ASK WHILE IN AFRICA! Love participation! Leave a comment here, or DM me over my Instagram (@krystalsmindblog)

Who’s excited to venture with us back to Africa???!!!!

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