FASHION & STYLE: Styling A Skirt Multiple Ways With Fashion Tips! (Links Included!)

Here I will be styling a layered orange skirt 4 ways and sharing my personal styling tips that are both practical and cute! They are tips I go by when I put together outfits!

If you are interested in shopping pieces in my looks, I have included carousels of photos, after the tips, that you are able to tap and get direct links to the websites! Enjoy!

Outfit #1


● Add a collar scarf for warmth when you put your hair up in cooler months! Instead of buttoning up your flannel all the way, it also a comfortable way to add the look of a collar! It also completes an outfit so well!

Cropped flannels look great with high waisted bottoms! You don’t have to worry about them bunching up in your pants too! You can thrift a regular flannel and cut the bottom and the desired length if you are worried on buying a flannel too short for your liking!

● Super large scrunchies add volume to your bun! The one I’m wearing is my favorite and I have it in pretty much every color since its also made of silk, which is better for your hair.

● Wearing a pair of biker shorts or elastic workout shorts under your skirt relieves the worry of your skirt coming up accidentally during everyday life. Going with a tighter fitting short doesnt add as much bulk and have an added benefit of keeping you warmer during the colder days.

Outfit #2


● Going with a plain skirt expands your horizon with cute patterns, like the plaid top I’m wearing.

● If you choose a light colored skirt or one with warm tones, I usually gravitate to more deep, rich tones or patterns to complement and highlight the skirt!

● To add flare and style to a plain skirt, wear a top with some cute sleeves! Love this plaid top because the sleeves are very flowy and unique to add interest to the outfit!

● Details polish up an outfit, like my knotted velvet headband. The one I’m wearing is handmade from a small business on Etsy and is comfortable with the patting! Totally recommend!

Outfit #3


● Another way to style your cute, detailed and wild patterned sweaters is to pair it with a cute, plain skirt! Its always fun mixing it up!

● Wear a cropped workout top or sports bra and simply tuck your sweater into it for a cropped look or a classic french tuck style. This works better instead of trying to jam a thick sweater into your skirt. This technique also works great when you wear a sweater with overalls! Unfortunately, you can’t cut sweaters otherwise they will unravel.

● When I posted the outfits on Instagram, my newspaper boy hat was a popular item! I love this one I got from Target because its not flat looking. I’ve gotten one where it makes my head look flat. I also have a small head so that might have something to do with it. Look for a puffy, structured front when searching for a hat like this. I have this hat in black too because its hard to find a good one that I like in my budget. Lack Of Color makes some good ones but they are an investment piece.

Outfit #4

Graphic tees are a great piece to style! They are affordable and you can stay festive! Tees are also easier to store since you can maybe only get a month of wear out of it before it’s “outdated” and have to move on to the next holiday season!

● Graphic tees add interest to your outfit since everyone tries to read what it says and I love suttle colors and designs on my graphic tees so it doesn’t add too much business and you have more options when completing the look!

● I’ve been loving the new “shacket” (shirt jacket) trend because its just a thicker version of flannels! They are great to add to an outfit like this for those cooler days to add extra warmth!

● Winter hats serve the purpose of keeping you warm, but they also give you an excuse not to spend time on your hair LOL I love chunky knit or fleece lined hats! Since I have a smaller head, thicker hats looks better on me. Also, I tend to get more neutral colored hats so I can simply just throw it on knowing it will match whatever I decided to put on each day!

Which tip will you try or was the most helpful for you??

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