4 Ideas To Incorporate In Your Fall Outfits! (With Links!)

Having trouble creating your fall outfits this season???? Here are some ideas to get you looking as great as your pumpkin spiced latte!

Some ideas to add to your outfits this fall season and why I love adding them!

1) Corduroy

Corduroy is such a favorite of mine because it is so easy to thrift! I’ve thrifted button up corduroy tops in the men’s section that I’ve worn as jackets because they are so thick.

Corduroy also adds that textured look to your outfits! If you usually wear plain colors, corduroy especially looks great because it adds that extra depth to your outfit!

Here are some corduroy favorites of mine in case your are in the market to pick up some new pieces and don’t feel comfortable to go out and thrift quite yet.

2) Black Denim

As it starts getting cooler outside, the norm is to switch over to darker colored clothing. I especially like black denim during fall! Of course, when it comes to black denim, you can really wear it year around!

Black jeans help you appear thinner and create the look of longer legs when you wear them! They also look great with all those cute fall sweaters that we are all starting to wear, now that the temperatures are dropping!

Here are some black jeans that I recommend! I especially love Madewell jeans (Size down one in Madewell because they come large).

3) Plaid Patterns

Fall outfits look so good with a cute, plaid button up! When looking for a plaid top for fall, find ones with the colors of fall leaves. I tend to wear plaid with oranges, reds, yellows, and browns in them and that creates that autumn vibe you are seeking!

I personally like oversized fall colored plaids made with flannel for extra warmth! The new trend this year are “Shackets” (shirt and jacket combined so just a thicker shirt). If you choose oversized plaid tops, it actually helps you appear slimmer if they end past your hips. If you like wearing leggings, oversized plaid flannels will also cover your buns!

I will include some of my favorite plaid “shackets” and flannels! American Eagle has the softest plaid flannels out there!

4) Boots

Boots of all lengths, colors, and materials are great for fall! I would normally lean towards brown, black, and gray for fall, but white booties are coming into style more for fall too!

On warmer fall days, I choose booties (ankle boots) but on the colder ones, I like thigh high or over the knee boots for extra warmth. If I wear a skirt or dress in the fall or winter, I’m usually grabbing for the taller boots so my legs stay covered! Sometimes, over the knee boots save me from wearing tights or leggings!

The greatest part about boots is that you can wear them with almost everything and they look great! Boots look so good with skirts, overalls, dresses, and jeans! They also add a nicer look to your fall outfit than with just tennis shoes. The boots I wear are pretty comfortable and some are even more comfy than tennis shoes!

I will link some of the top boots I love and recommend!

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