Personal: Life Update (What I’m Up To These Days And Where I’m Going)

LIFE UPDATE: I am all over the place in my Insta stories so I wanted to let you all know what is going on with me right now and where am I going!


I live in Michigan, so all gyms and movie theaters are still closed. I’m a personal trainer/fit desk attendant at my local YMCA when they open. I’m (somewhat) collecting unemployment (I say somewhat because I have not received 11 weeks of it. It’s not consistently being given to me for some reason and I’m on a huge waiting list of cases filed where tons of other people are in the same boat as I am).

Instead of working at the gym, I have been helping my dad fix up the foreclosed house that I will be moving in once it is more “livable”. I was able to work off the debt I owed my parents. I was able to get a lot a spackling, sanding, and painting done! We JUST picked out the siding for the outside of the house so that is the next project to get moving on!

This whole time, the church (Anchor Church in Stevensville, MI) was still able to keep me on staff as Associate Pastor! I’ve had my work cut out for me since we had to switch to all videos during the quarantine. I helped film, produce content, edit, and post sermon and devotional content every week. I also run the student ministry, so I also kept in contact with my students over video chats and lessons. Being creative, I dropped off little gifts for my students in their yards and porches as well. That has kept me busy!

My major wedding photography job was postponed until next weekend, but instead, I improved my Insta photo game while staying at home. I am a bit behind on creating posts due to my home reno, but such is life. I have kept up with my Insta stories for the most part so I wasn’t totally MIA lol


My blogging endeavor has ventured out even more! I recently joined the Amazon Affiliate program, along with being accepted into RewardStyle (LIKETOKNOW.IT)! I made around $3 so far LOL I’ve been learning more about Plug-Ins, coding, and more with my WordPress website, which I’m totally loving! I want to continue to grow and improve my understanding as an influencer so I can bring you all great content! HUGE THANKS to YOU! If you are reading this, you must be one of my loyal followers! It brings me joy to hear that I helped you get a discount, sold you your new favorite piece, helped you find a new outfit, inspired a new style, or encouraged you through comments! Keep them coming!


I’m living with my parents right now. I know, I’m lame, but we are a super close family (my mom homeschool all 4 of us kids and we all became close throughout the years. If you met one of us, you basically met us all since we act so much alike lol). I did live on my own for almost 4 years near Detroit while interning at a church with a student ministry of 200 students, but I don’t know if that totally counts since I lived with 3 different families. I didn’t really have any bills, but I did take care of my car and food situations. You be the judge lol

Last year, just after I moved back home, my dad bought a foreclosed house at an auction in the cutest, little town of Buchanan! I fell in love with it and have been helping to transform the old house into a vintage dream! The more time I put into it, the more I wanted to rent it myself once it was done. Once it is “livable”, to my standards, I plan on moving in to the house while continuing to improve the house. I would like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room to be pretty much done before I move in. I hope to move in by fall 2020! I’ve been saving for furniture and picking up little appliances that I will need right now. I just bought a knife set for the kitchen that I’m pumped to create some fine meals with (I plan on eating in to save money for rent once I move)!


To me, my blog is my fun! It combines all my creative hobbies like photography, building relationships, creating an outfit, home decor, editing, writing, and helping others. Other than that, I always like to be doing something! I love being in nature and spending time outdoors so anything like kayaking (I own my own kayak), hiking (I hiked over 40 miles on the Appalachian trail), yard work (I like plants and flowers), or trips to the beach (I live 10 min from Lake Michigan), I like spending time doing! I was walking around 5 miles per day with my pup, Huntlie (Hunbun), but lately I’ve been working on my future home!


Awhile ago, I was asked to write a blog post on my future plans and goals. The total truth is I HAVE NO IDEA! I want to be open to whatever God calls me to, so it all depends on that ultimately. Who knows, God may bring me to something I would have never even considered. All I know, is that I’m open to anything!

I’m sure that isn’t want you all exactly were looking for though so I’ll share some of what I am anticipating the future to look like as far as THIS year…

I plan on moving into and renting the Buchanan house from my parents with my pup, Huntlie. I want to decorate it and create a perfect, cozy environment for us!

I plan on continuing my job at the church chasing my calling. Growing our student ministry and investing in creating a healthy church for our congregation to love God with all their hearts and love people unconditionally.

I plan on working a couple days at the YMCA, but finding a 3rd part time job that pays more so I don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck as much (I was considering substitute teaching in middle schools, but with COVID, I’m not as sure now).

I plan on keeping up with my blog and investing in it (one day, I would like to turn my blog into a part-time job), which includes creating content, outfits, Instagram posts, shopping links, and videos for you all to enjoy!

I plan on just enjoying life where God has me right now.

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