FASHION & STYLE: 10 Cozy Outfits (With Outfit Details And Tips)

I hope everyone is hanging in there with the mandates of staying in! It’s not all bad though! I’ve been working at home a lot more and putting together some cozy outfits! I love being cute AND cozy during this time! Hope these outfits spark some inspiration while you are staying in and saving lives!

Cozy Outfit #1

I’m a huge fan of flannels so this outfit is my all time favorite! I paired my flannel with this cute pair of drawstring bottoms from &OtherStories! I’m in love with the deep rusty orange color they are! Orange and green look so good together! Any flannel and pair of sweats is comfortable! Definitely try this outfit at some point at home!

Cozy Outfit #2

My cinnamon colored set from NastyGal is such a comfy choice! See a detailed review of this set in my last blog post! Lounge sets are perfect to grab because you can not only wear them together, but separate as well! See the next 2 cozy outfits for reference!

Cozy Outfit #3

Recognize these bottoms? I paired them with my coffee sweatshirt from Modcloth! It makes such a cute outfit! Love how the pants add that splash of orange to my outfit!

Cozy Outfit #4

I will be wearing this top A LOT from my set! I love the color and it matches my fox pajama shorts! This outfit is for those of us who like our legs bare when we sleep! If you love foxes, I highly suggest you check out the Modcloth website!

Cozy Outfit #5

You all know how much I love my overalls! This pair is from Aerie so you know they are cozy! I love their soft material! I paired them with my cropped striped top also from Aerie.

Cozy Outfit #6

I’ve been living in my oversized tee that my boyfriend gave me from his engineering college. I paired it with my oversized tights (I get large tights so they dont pull down and are thick in the legs) and rust colored duster long enough to cover everything.

Cozy Outfit #7

My favorite sweater from Madewell! I got this around Valentine’s Day but the heart print is year around for me! My drawstring sweats are a cute piece. You are able to create this outfit by pairing any sweater with a pair of sweats! This is my “go to” whenever I’m cold around the house.

Cozy Outfit #8

I had to create an outfit using my Take It Easy top from VICI! Love the retro font they used! I thought it would perfectly go with my patterned bottoms from Urban Outfitters! Graphic tops go great with those fun pattern bottoms that tend to not match many pieces. The bottoms have a stretchy waistband that make them so comfy!

Cozy Outfit #9

Stretchy dress with a flannel! Anything that stretches is usually pretty comfortable! You could either throw a flannel, like I did, or an oversized sweatshirt over top to add more coziness! It’s totally up to you! Adds a different twist to your everyday lounge outfits!

Cozy Outfit #10

Down to our last outfit here! I’m wearing a simple, patterned linen tshirt dress and threw a sweatshirt over it! If you get cold, you could slip on some leggings as well.

Which cozy outfit is your favorite?

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