NEW BANGS AMBASSADOR! (What They Are And How I Got It!)

TODAY I received the OFFICIAL offer to become a BANGS ambassador!

What are BANGS Shoes???

BANGS was started by two sisters who wanted to create awesome shoes that would also give back by helping entrepreneurs!

Here is their word for word mission:

We take 20% of our net profits and put them towards helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world. We partner with an incredible third generation family-owned manufacturer to guarantee our goods are produced and sourced ethically. We have cultivated a company culture and community united around everyday adventure, positivity, encouragement, and a passion to do good.

We believe that everyday adventure is a mindset and with the right perspective and support from our community, we can make every moment into a positive experience or maybe even… a grand adventure.

Here is how I got it:

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed under my blog’s account (You can follow @krystalsmindblog on Insta if you wish) when I noticed a handful of my favorite bloggers wearing and representing BANGS shoes. I’ve seen them around but never thought about being an ambassador for them!

I decided to give it a whirl and head over to their Insta account and LOVED what I saw! I’ve been to Montana, hiked 90 miles on the Application trail, and ventured along Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan so I fell in love with their footwear centered around ADVENTURE!

I ended up applying for their ambassador program where they send you texts letting you know where they are at in the process. Out if the THOUSANDS that apply, only 30% get into the program.

Today I received a text that said:

I was STOKED to say the least! They shared my expectations and gave me DISCOUNT CODES for me and my followers to use!

Their brand focuses on creating connections among all their ambassadors through an app called Slack. I was excited about this because I am working on getting my name “out there” in the ambassador industry! This would be a great OPPORTUNITY!

They also have “BLITZ DAYS” where all BANGS ambassadors post their adventures wearing their BANGS shoes on the same day. You are required to participate in 3 BLITZ DAYS which are held once a month for 3 months. I’m so excited about participating! I already have some ideas on what I want to do!

I filled out an additional form explaining my expectations and my DISCOUNT CODES where texted right to my phone!

Using my discount, I picked out my favorite pair of BANGS shoes! By joining their rewards, I also earned points while doing so!

Would you like a discount on BANGS shoes???

I unfortunately can’t post the discount code on here BUT if you DIRECT MESSAGE ME asking for the code, I CAN GIVE THE CODE OUT!!!


1) Go to my INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT or FACEBOOK PAGE (you can also search my username @krystalsmindblog)

2) TAP the message button, and let me know you want the code!

3) I will give you the code!!! (NOTE that you can only use the code once)

4) Go to the BANGS Shoes website and shop your favorite shoes!

5) APPLY the code at checkout!

6) Enjoy many adventures with your BANGS SHOES!!!

I will let you know how it’s going and post my BLITZ DAYS pics for you once I receive them!

For more info:

Tap HERE for a video about the program.

To sign up for the BANGS Shoe REWARD PROGRAM, TAP HERE

Tap the pic for the BANGS Shoes Instagram account:

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