Shop My Kloset: My ASOS Picks (INCLUDING Links, Pics, And Why I Chose What I Did)

ASOS is a brand I recently discovered while blogging and I loved their pieces as soon as I browsed their site!

I placed my first order with ASOS and was really happy with what I recieved! My favorite blogger, Steffy, introduced me to ASOS by posting cute styling photos and tagging ASOS.

Once I received my order, I made an ASOS HAUL VIDEO which you can watch by clicking HERE.

The video shows close up shots of each piece, me wearing the pieces, and more description of each one!

ASOS DESIGN V-Bar Structured Satchel Bag

DESCRIPTION: The first piece that inspired my whole ASOS order was this adorable brown purse with the v- shaped golden detail on the front.

INCLUDES: One internal zipped pocket, one “phone pocket”, cross body strap, magnetic snap to close, and designer features such as a golden metal bar and decorative cinches.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I dicovered this bag through one of my favorite bloggers, Steffy. She posted a couple photos on INSTAGRAM and I fell in love with it!

See below:

I also chose this bag because I love the simplistic look with the perfect amount of detail.

Being brown, it is one of my favorite universal colors that matches many of my favorite outfits as well!

STYLE TIP: This is more of a casual bag good to wear with a comfy pair of jeans, a cozy flannel, or even a summer dress/skirt.

Here is me wearing it:


ASOS DESIGN Pack Of 2 Barette Hair Clips In Circle And Triangle In Gold

DESCRIPTION: Geographic shape gold barettes with double swing clasps. (Silver is also available)

INCLUDES: One circle and one triangle hair barette with 2 hinged swinging clasps.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I like simple, delicate pieces that add a little shine to an outfit. I thought it would be a fun, easy addition to create a little shine!

STYLE TIP: These barettes can be dressed up or down. I consider these pieces to be more of a casual look since they are pretty simple since they are one single color. They are also elegant and would also look nice with a dazzling dress if your intention was to keep the focus on the dress but add a little extra flare to the hair!


ASOS DESIGN Natural Straw Easy Boater With Size Adjuster And Light Band

DESCRIPTION: Flat brimmed straw “boater” style hat with a nude pink ribbon for an added texture and color.

INCLUDES: Adjustable inside ties for a snug fit, nude pink ribbon, tightly woven straw brim, and a string flat brim.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I love wearing hats and since I want to keep my face from burning, I thought it would be a good investment. I live 10 minutes from Lake Michigan so it will be put to use on my beach adventures!

Plus, I like the flat brim instead of the big, floppy ones and it will match any bathing suit or summer dress. Seemed like a great addition to my closet!

STYLE TIP: It is a summer hat so it would look great with any casual summer outfit. I’m planning on it being my new beach adventure staple since it would look great with any bathing suit (pattern or no pattern), cover-up, flowery skirt, or summer dress!


ASOS DESIGN Knot Front Headscarf

DESCRIPTION: Silky rust colored headscarf that ties and has a cute knot in front

INCLUDES: One knot in front and long ends for adjusting perfectly around head

WHY I CHOSE IT: The color attracted my attention! I thought it would make a cute addition to my hair and around my head. I wasnt expecting it to have long ends to tie for a good fit so I may cut them shorter, but love the idea behind it! The silk fabric is also better on the hair than other cotton bands.

STYLE TIP: I usually think of headscarves as a more casual accessory (A glittery band or shiny crown would be more formal). This particular silk headscarf adds some shine making it a higher form of casual that I could see being worn more with a button up top (pattern or no pattern)


South Beach Exclusive Black Boater Hat With Black Band

DESCRIPTION: Lightweight, breathable textured black sun hat with a black ribbon tied with a tight knot on the side.

INCLUDES: An elastic band around the interior, short, flat brim, and ribbon forming a tight knot detail on the side.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I had a black sun hat with a floppy brim but it got ruined in Florida packing so I decided to hit a hat with a shorter brim. I also like the way short, flat brims look complicated to floppy ones.

STYLE TIP: This would be a fabulous addition to a casual look. I would wear it to the beach or it makes for a great street look as well with jeans. It has possibilities!


New Look Teddy Faux Fur Bomber Jacket In Rust

DESCRIPTION: The name practically says it all! It’s like being wrapped up in your childhood teddy bear! It’s cozy and has a silk interior that holds in heat when touched to the skin.

INCLUDES: Zipper in front, 2 exterior full sized pockets, silk interior, thick, fuzzy exterior, elastic bottom, and high collar.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I was hesitant to get a teddy coat because all of them seemed way oversized for my body type. I loved the idea of having one because I could only imagine the warmth it would give me since I live in cold Michigan. I started seeing more and more bloggers wearing them and decided to splurge and buy one for myself! I love the color of this one and the way it fits me! I didnt know the interior was silk which I am excited about! Surprise to me!

STYLE TIP: Teddy coats have to be styled just right to look good. Since they usually hide your figure, wearing them with tighter jeans or leggings will help show off your figure. I would also HIGHLY RECCOMEND pairing boots with your skinny jeans when displaying this jacket.

Here’s some inspiration from Instagrammers:


These looks are super cute! Notice how they style this coat! The key is to pair it with tighter fitting bottoms so you don’t loose shape because we all have our own, unique shapes!


ASOS DESIGN Jive Flatform Espadrilles

DESCRIPTION: Thick platform sandles that lace up and tie.

INCLUDES: Long laces for a wrap around look around the upper ankle, platform with three layers containing a cork material, a rough braided yarn (at least that’s what it looks like lol), and a foam bottom making it a lightweight sandle.

WHY I CHOSE IT: I love the way my gett look in platform sandles! I don’t need the height since I’m 5ft 7 in, but the look of them wins me over every time! If you have longer legs, chunky sandles make you appear more straight and even your body. I also love the gladiator style of these sandles!

STYLE TIP: These sandles, of course, would be a summer shoe worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, and even overalls! They are very versatile since you are able to dress them up or down and the plain, brown color will match all those summer floral prints as well as the plain ones!

Heres me wearing them:


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