ELIXE BOUTIQUE: My First Ambassador Pick! (Special Follower Discount For Elixe Boutique!)


I have been really picky on which brands I want to promote. Many have reached out to me, but when I checked into them I couldn’t see myself or any of my followers getting on board with the specific products. They just weren’t for me. I was about to accept a shoe brand and get paid to write a 300 word blog post about their brand, but then I realized that the shoes were expensive and neither me or my followers would want to spend that much on a pair of shoes from a brand I’ve never heard of.

I was patient and kept posting quality Instagram photos, writing content on my blog, and tagging my favorite brands when ELIXE BOUTIQUE reached out to me through a comment on one of my Instagram posts! I checked put their website and was really impressed! I liked almost all of their pieces, they had a range of prices, sizes (even plus sizes), and sold home decor along with clothing and jewelry. Spiking my interest, I messaged Elixe over Instagram and they answered all of my questions at a timely manner! What REALLY sold me is that some of their proceeds go to an organization who helps woman in sex trafficking! (Keep scrolling for more details)

I decided to become part of the Elixe team! They gave me a sweet discount code so I could pick which items I wanted and use it at checkout, then I got to choose a special discount code for my followers to get 25% off at the Elixe Boutique! (Discount code is: KRYSTALSMB25)

Here are some of the pieces I chose:

I picked this stylish, natural colored ribbed summer tank that has a cropped look. Tap HERE to shop this tank!

I also bought this off the shoulder white top perfect for the beach! Check it out by tapping HERE!

I love my animals and going camping in the woods, so I picked up this comfy “There is no planet B” tee for a casual hiking day! Shop the tee, tap HERE

I’ve been looking for a delicate, layered necklace for awhile and when I seen this one I fell in love and put it in my cart! Add it to your cart by tapping HERE!

Support a cause by buying cute clothes!


WANT 25% OFF?????? Use the unlimited discount code : KRYSTALSMB25


  1. Hey! I got asked to be an ambassador for Elixe. I’m a little hesitant because I’ve heard of a lot of scams going around. Can you tell me about your experience with them?

    Ps your blog is amazing and your pictures are beautiful!!

    1. I was a little hesitant at first but my experience was good! They have cute pieces! I LOVE my tank I got! They give you a discount which makes it worth it. Some products arnt the best quality so if I didnt get the discount then I wouldn’t be as happy with the pieces. I ended up finding one of their pieces on Shein for cheaper so it’s a little hit and miss but totally safe as far as releasing payment info. Havent had any problems. One of the best things is they shared my photo multiple times and I gained some followers through them! That made my whole experience so much better! You get a lifetime discount as well so if I ever needed something, I can check there. I’ve noticed they add new pieces quite a bit so that’s good and they fit a wide range of sizes. Hope that helps! I tried to give you an honest review giving my pros and cons ♡

    2. Also, thanks so much! I spend lots of time trying to keep learning and improving! And congrats on being asked as an ambassador! It feels all official when you come on board with brands! You have to start somewhere and it’s good to have others helping you out. Good luck on your adventure!

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