Fashion & Style: Paper Bag Shorts Summer Favorite (Links and Styling Tips)

My Find (With Link)

Paper bag shorts have found their way into my summer wardrobe! I was looking for the perfect pair of high waisted, denim, cuffed, dual buttoned pair of pair bag shorts for awhile and found them at Forever21! They caught my eye because of how perfect the cinched waist looked! I’m wearing a size small (I’m usually a size 4) and they fit oversized, which is what I wanted. For the link to the shorts I found, click HERE.I almost got a pair from Shein that looks very similar and I think you would have good luck with getting as well. Tap HERE to check them out!

How I Started Liking Paper Bag Shorts

I liked paper bag shorts, but I didn’t have a desire to get any for myself until I seen them styled by other bloggers, influencers, and fashion websites. The reason I didn’t like them is because I didn’t know how to style them! I’ve picked up some styling hints and will share them with you all! Here are some of my favorite paper bag shorts looks:

Tips For Styling Paper Bag Shorts

1) Wear crop or tighter fitting tops to show the waist band of the shorts since that is the detailed highlight of the piece.2) Do not wear oversized, baggy shirts with paper bag shorts unless you are tucking them in. The ruffled top of the shorts will make the shirt puff out making the outfit appear unflattering but also hiding that pretty cinched waist band detail the shorts offer when left showing.3) The shorts look great with or without a belt. Again, the cinched waistband is a fashion highlight so a belt could attract more attention to the waist or take away from the detail so it depends if your going with a laid back style or more formal. Adding a belt makes the look more professional and “put together” while the no belt style gives a laid back vibe and a loose, free look showing the raw, waistband detail. I wear them both ways!4) Light wash or dark wash denim? Both dark and light wash are great so it depends what your goal is for your pair bag shorts. They say dark wash makes you look thinner but light wash is definitely the “in” summer style right now. I got a wash that’s lighter but not the lightest shade out there. I also don’t trust myself with the lightest color wash since I can be messy lol This is a preference choice as well. You be you!5) Since the paper bag shorts are usually the prime focus of your outfit, its good to go with neutral colors and simple, summer patterns to pair with them. Many fashionistas pair a light colored plain tee (usually white based), a simple band tee, striped shirt, or a delicate flowery patterned top. Of course, it’s up to you to add your own flare, but this is what I’ve noticed.

My Style

Everyone had their own style! Here are a few outfits I’ve worn! For a complete styling video, you can go to my IGTV channel (Instagram TV)! Tap HERE to watch a styling video!

Have you found a pair of paper bag shorts that you love? How do you style them? I would love to know!


  1. I have not seen these around! I live under a rock! You look really cute in paper bag shorts. If I found a pair in a khaki or navy color I might consider trying them on 😉

    1. I’ve seen them more in pants and they have brought them out this summer! I’ve seen those colors available as I’ve been looking around. It’s always fun to try new styles!

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