This entire outfit is from Target! I LOVE Target, but their fall assortments are a dream!

I decided to try something new by trying on these high waisted, corduroy pants with the belt. I ended up FALLing in love with them and got them in two colors (mustard and coffee)! They are unlike any of the pants I own so I got excited about them in the best way!

My “tis the season” tee is adorable with the pumpkin spice latte pictured on the front! It is also really soft which I wasnt totally expecting. The smalls were sold out so I got a medium which isnt that big. The slightly oversized tee is a great addition to my fall wardrobe!

The orange purse was on sale for only $12 and it was a no brainer whether I should add it to my cart! I’ve been looking for an orange purse for so long and it turned out that waiting paid off!

My shoes and headband are actually not from Target. My shoes are thrifted from Goodwill. They are Bass brand and I love the rich, dark leather! So fall! The headband is from Etsy!

Target actually reached out to me and asked to use this photo in their advertisements! I was so excited! Thanks Target if you’re reading this!

Shop my look by tapping the pics below!


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